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The first thing I need you to understand is that if done right, the money will come.  If not, you will still be chasing your tail this time next year blaming others on your own failure.  You are going to have to resist the urge to purchase the latest and greatest, push button millionaire, broke today rich tomorrow, products that are shoved into your e-mail inbox on a daily basis.  I know, I know, it’s new and improved, but your financial future depends on the path you take.  Ask yourself if that shiny new button is really worth your entire online future? There, There,  you are going to succeed!  I promise if you stay the course that I’m showing you, you will have a success story to tell. I’m here to tell you that it is going to be like going on a diet and touring a chocolate factory after your first week. That would be tough.   Right?  This is the biggest downfall for any new affiliate Marketer. To be honest, even seasoned affiliates battle this one.

Self Motivation, Focus, and Completion of each Phase is the key here:

Once completed a profitable website is worth much more than a dozen or so half-finished projects.  You know those shiny new buttons that are sitting on your hard drive right now in a Zip file. By having too many irons in the fire you will end up spinning your wheels, getting nowhere fast, and eventually stopping dead in your tracks wondering if working online from home is really for you.  The key to self-motivation and focus will be different for all due to the daily bumps in the road of life.  However. the common motivator is money.  One thing you won’t have to do is go to a job you hate, won’t have to rub two pennies together to make a nickel, and your end result will become financial independence and time freedom.

Finding Your Niche:

What you are going to want to do now is develop a niche. A niche should be something you know about, like a hobby, a passion, a skill you have, a sport you like and or like to play.  The reason I’m saying something you already know about is that it will make your writing content much easier.  Let’s say you love bird watching,  you already have plenty of photos, videos and probably tons of books on the subject.  In this case, your niche will be bird watching.  You will want to purchase a domain name that has to do with bird watching.  Go to a domain register like Name Cheap to see if your perfect domain name is available.  So, in this case, we will say you choose East Coast Bird it’s available and you purchase it.

Get Hosting For Your New Domain Name:

Next, you will need to find a reputable hosting site that has at least a 98% uptime.  Host Gator would be my recommendation.  Purchase the Baby Croc package.   It’s $ 9.95 per month and at times you can get it even cheaper when they are running specials.  At this point, you are going to point your domain name to your host server.  It really is a simple task so don’t sweat it.  Your hosting will send you an e-mail with and as an example.  You will go into Name Cheap domain manager and type these into where you want to point your domain name.  There,  you have just pointed your domain name to your host server.

Build Your Website:

This is where the fun begins.  Your website is going to be the foundation of your business.  I prefer using Word Press for this due to the fact that it is so easy to use and has a ton of plug-ins to make your site do all sorts of cool things.  You are going to want to create an About Me or About Us page, a Getting Started page,  a Privacy Policy page. After you create those you will then write content for each one.  Remember I said: ” this is where the fun begins. ” I might have overstated a bit on the fun part because it can become a real pain. However,  just let your creative side flow and by all means get feedback.  Please don’t copy other folks content. You can use it for ideas. To get going in the right direction but DO NOT COPY. Duplicate content will get you nowhere fast.

Attract Visitors to Your Site:

Before we get into to attracting visitors to your site, I would like to say that there are 2.8 billion YES! 2.8 Billion people online so regardless of the niche you have chosen you can become very successful.  This step is a very critical stage of your new online business venture.  The make it or break it stage because without traffic you are dead in the water.  There are several ways to drive targeted traffic to your site.  There’s free traffic and paid traffic, both of which I will go into detail in a future post.  One thing I will say is you will want to focus on mastering one method at a time.  You want to spend 85% of your time or more on marketing activities once you are all set up.  Ultimately, if you can learn to effectively get traffic,  you will accomplish your goal of earning extra affiliate income from home.  That’s why were here.  Right?

Remember This:

I can’t stress this enough, Always help your visitors in any way that you can.   You are here to help them solve a problem.  Answer their questions in a timely manner.  Who wants to wait days for an answer? Get to know them so well that you know their pet’s names and they know yours. I know it’s a tall order, but wouldn’t you rather do business with someone you know like and trust?  Also, and I’m writing this from my own experiences, I would try to stay away from the Hype and High Pressure as that seems to be a sure-fire red flag for most folks online these days. We all know the scammers love to use that marketing approach.

If You Are Really Serious About Your Online Future:

So if you are really serious and ready to roll up your shirt sleeves to get busy learning the proper way to become an award-winning affiliate marketer or even a Super affiliate. Then I have the program for you.

How About A Free Test Drive:

Unheard of right? The program I’m referring to does just that. They really let you take the program for a spin. How cool is that?

Owner Involvement:

Yes. The owners are involved on a daily basis.


Besides stellar support, this program has a very active community of like-minded, ambitious folks in the thousands online daily.  All of them are willing to help you along your path to success.

In Summary, With Two Thumbs Up And Five Stars From Myself:

In this program, you will find training that is current and up to date.  It is broken down into easy to follow modules.  You study at your own pace.  If you are stuck, then you haven’t asked for help. Just post your question and you will get several responses. Therefore,  you don’t wait for days for a response to your question/support ticket.  I would always get discouraged at this point in the other programs.  I have tried several training programs online and this one is the first one that I have felt so strongly about that I have built a website just to promote it.

So What Are You Waiting For ? Go Here And Check It Out:


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